About Us


INDI traces its humble beginnings from the combined efforts of Sam Santiago and Wryneth Gay Mayapit, who were then taking up their Masters in Entrepreneurship in Social Enterprise Development (MESEDEV) at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Sam has been involved in the socks industry for over 18 years. On the other hand, Wry, having been born into a culturally-grounded Kankanaey family, has been engaged in community work for the Indigenous People for a long time.

Though coming from fairly different backgrounds, the tandem effortlessly came together, combining their knowledge and skills in creating a new initiative. Their smooth-sailing partnership is something that they attribute to their genuine desire of helping the less-advantaged and often marginalized sector of the society.


INDI is all about igniting Filipino expression, pride and patriotism. We stand to encourage individuality, the promotion of Indigenous culture, and the Filipino spirit.

INDI is a statement socks brand that offers a line of socks proudly exhibiting an array of iconic designs and patterns inspired by Philippine culture. Aiming towards boosting Filipino cultural representation as well as reviving Indigenous and classical designs and motifs, our products proudly display a vivid and colorful collection of weaving patterns from different Philippines Indigenous communities- showcasing their rich, vibrant and proud stories of their cultural heritage.

At INDI, we want to go deeper in cultural education, by telling the stories, traditions and the culture of a proud people, a gallant race. INDI is committed to a constant consultation with our partner communities to maintain as genuine as possible the ethnic and cultural respect and representation of everything we put out. Understanding cultural implications and significance, adhering to community standards on how the designs are used, and constant and continuous education, all contribute to our goal of helping revitalize the culture. While we want to bridge the gap between mainstream or "the modern" with the Indigenous, we also hope to use this as a platform to uplift the lives of our community partners, alongside encouraging INDIviduals to use this as a means to express themselves INDIpendently, without judgment.

Finally, we carry an ardent hope that everyone will become part of this cause, in discovering what makes them a part of the Filipino culture, and coming out bold about what makes them who they are.

INDI. Our Story. Our Pride.


Kaleidoscope World is a movement which endeavours to be a hub that virtually brings people together to celebrate individuality, collectiveness, culture and the Filipino spirit. This thus serves as our company aspiration through our brand INDI.